About Us

Who we are

SmokersGate’s founding members are e-commerce practitioners that are students studying in universities. We seek out personal products to grow our brand name, and also help the community with supplies lacking in there demographic. Our beloved smoke related hobbies and collections has led us to this. Our partnership with one of the world’s most premier supplier, guarantee a great quality buy every time! Above all, we STRIVE for customer satisfaction. Our end goal is that our customers return to do business with us and ultimately everyone stays happy!


SmokersGate is an active advocate for recreational use of medicinal treatments, but beyond that, we are advocates for decriminalization. We believe by informing our communities with correct information as a responsibility, we are flexible and are always up to date with the latest regulations. We love to serve our customers with the best products so that they can enjoy without worries!

Customer’s First

Here at SmokersGate, we are proud to serve our customers with respect. Our end goal is to serve our customers in the future, so we realize what is needed in order for us to achieve our goal. We will strive and do our best to supply our wide range of products accessible globally without risking the quality!

Why buy from SmokersGate

  • Easily Accessible: Our products are produced and shipped internationally, as we have a global supplier chain!
  • Secure: Our members recognizes your needs, shipping and payment is all discreet!
  • Quality: Our manufactures and suppliers have ensured our products to be premium quality while still maintaining safety and health standards!
  • Value: Our products are economically priced with a wide range of listings of prices, we maintain and update on our pricing models to be the most competitive in the market!